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NATA Awareness Seminar (handout 2018)
1. Schedule of Examination: Date & Time of Examination: 29.04.2018 (Sunday) 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m Subject and Marks of Examination: PART SUBJECT MARKS GRAND TOTAL FIRST 90 minutes: Part A (MCQ) Online Mathematics 20X2 = 40 Marks 200 marks General Aptitude 40X2 = 80 Marks LAST 90 minutes: Part B Drawings (Two questions) in A4 Size paper 2X 40 = 80 Marks 2. Eligibility Criteria for Candidates: Taking NATA-2018 (Candidates may come from the following backgrounds) (a) 10+2 or equivalent passed/appearing; (b) 10+3 Diploma (any stream) passed/appearing recognized by Central/State Govts; (c) International Baccalaureate Diploma passed/appearing, after 10 years of Schooling 3. Syllabus for NATA-2018: MATHEMATICS (40 Marks) Algebra, Logarithms, Matrices, Trigonometry, 3-Dimensional Co-ordinate geometry, Coordinate geometry, Theory of Calculus, Application of Calculus, Permutation and combination, Statistics and Probability. GENERAL APTITUDE (80 Marks) Mathematical reasoning: Statements, logical operations like and, or, if and only if, implies, implied by. Understanding of tautology, converse, contradiction and contrapositive. Sets and Relations: Idea of sets, subsets, power set, complement, union, intersection and difference of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan's Laws, Relation and its properties. Equivalence relation — definition and elementary examples. DRAWING TEST (80 Marks) Understanding of scale and proportion of objects, geometric composition, shape, building forms and elements, aesthetics, colour texture, harmony and contrast. Conceptualization and Visualization through structuring objects in memory. Drawing of patterns - both geometrical and abstract. 4. Important Dates Sl No ACTIVITY DATE 1 Availability of information in the public domain From 03.01.2018 2 Application from Start Date 16.01.2018 3 Application from End Date 02.03.2018 4 Availability of Admit Card 02.04.2018 5 Date and Time of Examination 29.04.2018 (Sunday) (10:30 AM to 01:30 PM) 6 Publication of Results 01.06.2018 read more ❯

Al Salama Eye Hospital, Perinthalmanna celebrated 13th anniversary
Published 12/15/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
Al Salama successfully completed their 13 years of excellence service in eye care. On the day all the staff and students of Alsalama celebrated the anniversary in the presence of Honorable MP P.K Kunhalikutty. He inaugurated the function with a wonderful speech, Adv Samsudeen Arikuzhiyil , the Managing Director made the welcome Speech and Presidential Address was done by Chairman Er. Muhammed Kutty. Dr Muhammed Swadiq  (Medical Director), Dr Rajesh( Medical Superintendent), Dr. Shaji Hussain were lighted the event by their felicitiation address. Also the students conducted so many cultural activities on the occasion. Chairman was distributed the prizes for the winners of football tournament held in our college.           read more ❯

Conducted Fresher's day
Published 10/12/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
Al Salama students conducted an amazing Fresher's day on 7/10/2017. The event was inaugurated by honorable chairman Mr. Muhammed Kutty sir and held various cultural programs by students.     read more ❯

Gandhijayanthi day Cleaning
Published 10/9/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
IDOT (IT and Digital operating team) conducted a cleaning program as a part of Gandhijayanthi , in the presence of Honorable Chair Man Muhammed kutty . All students and staffs in alsalama had participated in the cleaning program. "Everyone Must Be His Own Scavenger"            read more ❯

Salus University Visited Alsalama
Published 10/9/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
Salus university members had visited alsalama institution for longing the Salus university in our collage. Dr Michael Mittelman,President of Salus university and Dr Melissa Vitek,Director of International and Continuing Education,Salus university visiting Al Salama Group of Institution.The university will be very help full for the students for their carrier building.                 read more ❯

പ്രകൃതിയുടെ വ്യത്യസ്ത ഭാവങ്ങൾ ക്യാൻവാസിൽ
ഋതുക്കളെക്കുറിച്ചുള്ള ആർക്കിടെക്ചർ വിദ്യാർഥികളുടെ ചിത്രപ്രദർശനം ശ്രദ്ധേയമാകുന്നു. പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണയിലെ സ... Read more at:   read more ❯

Admission Started for Business Courses
Published 6/23/2017 in Al Salama College of Business
Al Salama group of institution have started admission for different courses such as B.Com with US CMA, PG diploma in computer accounting and MBA. To know more details about the admission please contact on 9061393111. read more ❯

Admission Started for Bsc Interior Designing
Al Salama group of institution have started admission for Bsc interior designing. To know more details about the admission please contact on 9061393111. read more ❯

Admission Started for Optometry Courses
Published 6/23/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
Al Salama group of institution have started admission for different courses such as Bsc. Optometry, Msc optometry, Bsc psychology. To know more details about the admission please contact on 9061393111. read more ❯

Eyedia 2k17
Published 6/17/2017 in Al Salama College of Optometry
AL-SALAMA COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY is now becoming an important destination for the aspiring youngsters who are looking for a very successful and promising career. One of the giant leaps as stated by HODs of different optometry colleges was experienced on 25th and 26th March 2017 where 1500 optometrists had gathered for an academic and cultural event like never before. The program was inaugurated by Dr K T Jaleel (Minister for Local Administration) who acknowledged and congratulated Al-Salama management and students for their humanity towards society. He also appreciated and encouraged the awareness and requirement of such academic get together sessions. Respected Chairman Eng Md Kutty and respected Managing Director Adv Samsudeen delivered the presidential and welcome speech respectively. Eminent speakers like Dr Swadique, Dr Rajesh, Dr Krishna Kumar, Ms Jameel Rizwana, Ms Anitha Arvind, Mr Nilesh Thite, Ms Anantha Laxmi and Dr Sandra Ganesh had covered topics on Optometry starting Optometry – A noble profession to Pearls of Dispensing.  One could never forget the way their years of experience were merged to a 20 min innovative talk. Eyedia 2K17 covered hot topics which included Dispensing, Contact Lens, Vision Therapy, Community Optometry and Low Vision. The Optometrist who arrived in variant colors were given an opportunity to enhance their skills by interacting with these speakers in Interaction session. One can never forget the sight of the 1000 square feet lab which was converted to massive Exhibition room. Although Low Vision team won the 1st prize, it was a breath taking moment for everyone who entered this room where the ideas and knowledge had come together. A group of volunteers were attracting the crowd during the lunch break and encouraging them to play games. It was a brain relaxing session preparing for the next academic event – The most awaited Quiz competition. Different colleges... read more ❯